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Like other forms of meditation, this practice involves moving your focus away from your mind to sensations in your body. Regular practice of guided sleep meditation has been shown to improve sleep, meaning that this method is an important strategy that you can use to help reduce problems falling and staying asleep.

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It isn’t unusual for kids to go through a phase where they have difficulty getting to sleep and/or staying asleep. Guided meditations can be very helpful. In addition to helping children fall asleep, they can also help children become calmer in general as well as learn positive coping techniques.

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Ease into deep rest and fall asleep in 10 minutes with this soothing guided meditation. Lie down under the covers, stretch your legs, and rest your palms on your stomach or by your head. Take three deep breaths. If your mind is wandering, it’s no big deal. Just take notice and return your thoughts to your breath, letting the inhale and exhale guide you into a calm, deeply relaxed state.

Let our best guided meditation for sleep videos help you fall asleep faster. You’ll also be able to enjoy a longer, deeper sleep which will allow you to wake up totally refreshed in the morning. Whether you want to relax and fall asleep or are dealing with insomnia, the meditation series below will help improve your sleep habits.

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Can’t sleep? How to avoid overthinking at night – If you can’t switch off and struggle to fall asleep, or you wake up a lot in the night with. Blocking thoughts is kind of a taboo in meditation and mindfulness, because our distress comes from the.

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10 Minute guided body scan meditation from The Meditation Coach: This is another guided meditation focusing on the body scan, though it is only 10 minutes long. If the above mindfulness meditation video seems too long for you to try, give this one a listen. Mindfulness Meditation – Guided 10 Minutes: This is a guided meditation from a group called The Honest Guys which lasts 10 minutes.

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