With the help of your Guided Relaxation tape, I was able to learn to relax completely. I actually learned how to let the pain melt away for a little while. Now I’m getting back to a more active lifestyle and still use Brain Sync tapes and CDs as part of my daily treatment. Guided Meditation Review by T.M. – Hazlet, NJ

Here’s what you’ll be able to DO after you enroll in this course: PREPARE and create a guided meditation script. USE microphones correctly to capture good quality voice recordings. DOWNLOAD, install and operate free recording software. APPLY audio editing techniques to maintain good sound quality.

Some simple ways to make your life better in the new year – What we have here is something far more modest, and so much better: simple things you can incorporate into your daily routine that may make your life just a little better. They are bits of wisdom.

1-16 of 18 results for "guided meditation tapes" Sort by: Sort by:. A guided imagery meditation for Physical & Spiritual Wellness. by Susie Mantell. A Guided Imagery Relaxation Tape With action plan (To help you or a loved one access your own inner wisdom in order to achieve greater health.

Make Your Own Meditations is my step-by-step course to help you create guided meditations easily and confidently. Because once you’ve got all the resources at your fingertips, you can make your own meditations whenever you feel called. Do it in your own time, when you feel inspired, as much as you want.

Partners like My Intent, who made a bespoke intention bracelet for each guest, and Open Heart Warrior, who guided attendees through early morning meditation activities. like the opportunity to.

How to Make Your Own Subliminals by Scott Knickelbine ; Updated August 23, 2017 The human mind subconsciously registers and reacts to all kinds of sense data that the subconscious overlooks.

Create Hypnosis & Guided Meditation. – Silencio Music – Create hypnosis & guided meditation recordings with Audacity. Import your background music into Audacity First you need to import your backing music into Audacity. This could be an audio file like an .mp3 or .wav that you already have on your computer. Import by clicking Project > Import Audio.

The music and imagery were created with Aries in mind to enhance the positive traits but make users aware of the negative traits so that they have the power to overcome them on their own. This.

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